Our Services Includes, but are not limited to:

Server Performance Tuning

is a service that optimizes a server's hardware and software to improve its speed and efficiency.

Enterprise Server Upgrades

is a service that involves updating a company's server infrastructure to newer, more advanced technology to improve performance and reliability.

Application Modernization

is a service that updates legacy software applications to newer technology to improve performance, functionality, and user experience.

Other Services

Business Continuity

WKSB process of ensuring a company's essential functions can continue during unexpected disruptions.

Hardware Installs

WKSB Certified Team of installing and configuring new computer hardware components or peripherals on a system.

On-demand Availability

WKSB Certified Team that can be accessed or provided immediately when requested, without delay.

On-site Services

Provided by our technician who physically travels to your location to perform work or resolve issues.